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What is brute force attack? How to protect against it.

In brute force, attackers try every combination of characters until they are not able to crack the system password.


What is SSH (Secure Shell) and How does it Work?

SSH is a network protocol for operating network services over an unsecured network. Or it is a remote network protocol to  control remote servers over the internet.


What is SSL? How it works.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer is encryption based network communication protocol that provides confidentiality integrity and authentication to network communication. A website that implements SSL/TLS has HTTPS in its URL instead of HTTP.


What is Cyber Crime? Category, Cyber Crime under IPC.

Criminal activities done using medium of communication technology, Internet, World wide web and cyber space. It is also known as computer oriented crime. IPC Section 425, 379, 319, 320 deal with Cyber Crime.


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